Maximum Performance Image Scanning, Image Enhancement
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QuickScan Pro (QSP) is a standalone, out-of-the-box imaging solution that provides all the necessary capabilities for high-speed scanning, image enhancement, viewing, annotation, printing, and storing images for both black-and-white and color pages. Its strengths include flexible job separation, barcode recognition (up to 30 barcodes per page!), and, above all, usability.

In addition to being a standalone product, QSP can also be easily integrated into document management systems, serving as a “scan module,” which feeds scanned, cleaned-up images into the system. This flexibility empowers a business with a streamlined method for incorporating accurate, usable content into the overall workflow.

QSP is based on technology developed by Pixel Translations, and it greatly extends the power and functionality of PixView, Pixel Translations’ earlier utility, which was licensed to approximately 250,000 users.

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